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Let us come to you with our new telepsychiatry visits. We understand life is busy, and with the ongoing pandemic, we can still safely book online visits.

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We are accepting new patients in person and through our new telepsychiatry portal.

Providing quality patient care while accommodating your busy schedule.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

ConcientiaMD was founded for the express purpose of discovering innovative ways to decrease the suffering experienced through depression, ADHD, anxiety, and many other mental health illnesses in children, teens, and adults.

We believe the basis of success with any client is allowing them to be part of the team. That’s why our clients rave about their connection with us and how our caring staff.

We are dedicated to advancing mental health and have helped thousands of people recapture their quality of life. Our multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, therapists, and nurse practitioners have the knowledge and experience to support and guide our clients to cope, recover, and break free from mental illness so they can live abundantly. We pride ourselves on providing personalized, quality patient care while accommodating your busy schedule.

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Our Expert Providers

Dr. Simbiat Oladiran-Adighije, PMHNP, PhD

Dr. Ginger Simor, MD
Elise Weisman, PMHNP-BC
Stavroula Sassos, LMSW

Our Testimonials

Dr. Simbiat and the rest of ConscientiaMD are AWESOME. Dr. Sim spent a good hour getting to know me as a new patient and help me with what I was there for. She made it very easy to talk to. I am very happy to have her as my doctor and her team helping me!


The best psychiatric practice I have worked with so far. Attentive doctor, very friendly, LGBTQ inclusive and overall I am happy with my treatment. They actually care about your wellbeing. I highly recommend Dr. Sim, Dr. Ginger and Dr. Thompson. Honestly, they are all wonderful.


ConscientiaMD is exceedingly professional. They respond to emails quickly and are accommodating to your needs. They offer virtual sessions, which has been helpful with my schedule. Sandhya is sensitive and kind. I appreciate the open and consistent communication.


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What is Telepsychiatry?

What is Telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry is the delivery of psychiatric assessment, treatment and care through video...

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